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Hair Growing Oils

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Ever since I was a kid and my mom sold vitamins for some extra income, I have been in love with natural health.  And as an adult, someone with the Internet, and so much more information at my fingertips, I have only grown in that love and look for natural ways to do things all the time.  But I'll tell more of that story some other time!

A while back, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw one of those videos pop up with all kinds of little tips.  And one of those tips caught my attention.  It was a tip that claimed to cause hair to grow quickly.

Well, when my husband I had first married, I had hair all the way down my back.  I never had hair that grew quickly, and it had taken much of my life to get it to that length, but I really liked having long hair.  And then we began our family.  A family that quickly grew to 5 kids.  And with the birth each child, I found my life becoming busier and busier, and managing long hair had become less and less of an interest.  So, over the year, I kept cutting my hair shorter and shorter.  And then, here I was with hair that had been cut as short as shoulder length, and was beginning to grow out some, but had a long way to go before reaching the length it had been all those years before.  And I had decided that longer hair was something I really wanted back.

So, I did the research.  The video told of two oils, just two, that were used.  I read around and sure enough, these two oils were both recommended for hair strengthening and growth.  It was simple enough to follow, so I did just that.

Did it work?  Absolutely.  It not only helped my hair grow faster, but made my hair that is normally very coarse and unmanageable, softer and much more manageable.  I was sold.  It is now a regular part of my nightly routine, and something that I reocmmend to my friends anytime they have hair trouble (whether needing something to strengthen the hair they have or help it grow).  I highly recommend it.

So, what is it?  It's simple.

Buy Pumpkin Seed Oil and Peppermint Oil.  Pumpkin seed oil alone is great for hair, but the peppermint oil is an added bonus that I recommend.  Just put a little pumpkin seed oil in a glass (maybe a tablespoon or two, but I don't have exact measurements) and then add a couple of drops of peppermint oil.

Personally, I like to use an empty glass bottle (I save all my bottles when I finish using the essential oils in them so that I can use them again later) and just fill it almost full with pumpkin seed oil, and then finish filling it with peppermint oil.  That way, I don't have to mix this concoction every night, but can just use it every night.

Once you have your mixture made, just rub it into your scalp.  Do this each night, and before long, you should see a difference!

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